Amidst my drunken stupor and increasing depression brought on by a failed job search, I came up with the idea to start Pussy Whipped.

Pussy Whipped is a media site that shares personal experiences and stories concerning fashion, beauty, entertainment, and culture with a feminine twist. The point is to express, inspire, and share what it’s like to be a woman. We already have plenty of sites telling us what’s cool and where to get the trendiest clothes. There’s even sites about the men we should be dating at every milestone in life. That’s cool, but it’s time to hear an “everyday woman’s” perspective. At Pussy Whipped you hear real stories , not from ‘experts,’ but from women like you, about their experience dating an asshole or how the beauty product that “everyone loves” totally fucked up their face. Say goodbye to objectivity because we’re tossing the rules out the window and getting completely personal. And if you can’t handle the realness, we never cared anyway.

Our pussy. Our rules. Our perspective.

xo Jessica McKinney, EIC

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