WTF Moments Of 2015

What’s your most jaw-dropping moment of WTF?


It’s about that time again; it’s the end of the year, and as I reflect on the series of events that wrapped up 12 months of my life, surprisingly, there are a lot of great moments. I graduated from college, I gained a great amount of experience that will hopefully help me land a permanent gig, and I managed not to cry for more than half of the year. And trust me, that’s a huge deal for me.

But before I give a standing ovation for all of my accomplishments, there are some things that made me trip a little along the way. At this point, I’m well over the the New Year’s resolutions trend. In the past, I would say how I was going to work out everyday and have no regrets, and as the months passed, I would sit on my couch eating a bucket of chicken and regretting every damn decision I made. So, I’m over resolutions, but I’m still into reflecting -reflecting on the boys I gave my heart to, the nice and rude words I shared with others, and the of course the moments that caused me  to say, ‘What the fuck?’

Even though I no longer say, “no regrets,” I hold the idea close. And when it comes to my WTF moments, especially the moments when I did something exceptionally stupid, I try not to cringe in judgment, but more so laugh at my utter stupidity. Reflecting on these moments is like watching rom-com, pure comedy.

Unfortunately we don’t have a worldwide projector to laugh about these moments together, but Pussy Whipped is now accepting submissions about one of your best WTF moments! Check out the link here to submit your story, or click on “Connect” in the right hand corner.

Happy New Year Everyone!


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