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Just Put Some Coconut Oil On It

Using coconut oil to cure all my beauty issues.


I want to write a disclaimer from the very beginning. I am not a beauty expert. I don’t put much thought into what products I use on my face and skin; I’m not interested in make up other than the basic eyeliner and mascara. When people asked me about my beauty regimen, it was nothing more complex than washing my face and slapping some moisturizer on at the end.

But I’d say within the last year, I developed somewhat of an obsession for finding a more custom and unique routine for curating clean, acne-free, and glowing skin. More specifically, I’ve spent most of my time Google-searching organic and naturals products I can use on my skin. So far, I’ve found natural toners and facial scrubs, but those findings only left me itching for more. And now, I’ve discovered the magical remedies of coconut oil.

When I say there are endless ways that coconut oil can be added into your beauty and lifestyle regimens, I mean it. I started with the face, but gradually found other places to use it. I’ve only recently started implementing a couple, but from my more veteran coconut users, I know you guys are in the back saying amen to its wonders, cheering me on. And for increasing the minority who haven’t yet been converted, check out how coconut oil can change your beautiful life.

As a moisturizer
This was my first trial period for coconut oil. It’s really as easy as it sounds. After thoroughly washing my face with a cleanser, I take a smidge (and I mean a smidge) of coconut oil and lightly tap it along my cheekbones and edges of my face. Then just smooth in it evenly. I’m sure many first-timers are worried about having an overbearingly greasy face, but after you even it out, it dissolves pretty nicely and leaves a glowing effect rather than oily.

As an oil treatment
If you’re finding a lot of breakage and shedding like I do, a hot oil treatment might be a great way of preventing this altogether. I’m sure most people have heard of using a hot oil treatment at one point, and there are a million products or ingredients to try, but coconut oil is said to really condition and strengthen hair. Aside from stimulating hair growth when applied to the root and scalp, it also leaves a nice shine. I either oil my scalp weekly with the oil or apply a thin layer to my damp hair  and leave it in to set.

As a lip balm
Quick story: I was warming up a Digiorno pizza and because it took over 30 minutes to fully cook, I was super eager to eat it. Of course I was a little too eager and forgot to let it cool down before taking a bite. As a result, I got a nice, puffed up burn on my bottom lip from the melting cheese as a reminder of my impatience. But thanks to coconut oil, that burn peeled nicely after a week. I simply applied a thin layer of the oil to my lips twice a day and I was cured in no time. Aside from healing eager foodies, coconut oil also works as a great lip balm for extra dry or chapped lips.

As a make-up remover
I have a habit of leaving on make-up over night and having the worst time getting it off in the morning. Sometimes it’s so hard to get off, I end up taking out some of my eyelashes with my mascara. But not after using coconut oil as a make-up remover. Applying a light layer of coconut oil to my face before going over it with a soft towel or wipe, allows me to get rid of all the dried up remainder from the night before.

As a shaving cream
This is one of my newest discoveries, but becoming more and more of a favorite. Especially when it comes to shaving way down under, coconut oil proves to be a much better option.  It decreases the risk of ingrown hairs and leaves your skin feeling like a new born baby. Not my best comparison for millennial women, but just try it and you’ll get my sentiment.

As a lubricant
Speaking of down under, I haven’t actually practiced this use quite yet, but my friend swears by it. Especially for those who are sensitive and have to pay a little closer attention to what goes inside of their body, coconut oil as a lubricant is less harsh. You don’t even have to put a lot of whatever you’re lubricating. Just apply a small amount and you’re ready to go.

I only gave you five that I know for sure are life-savers but there are so many more, including ways to help stretch marks during pregnancies, facial/body scrubs, and eye cream. I’m pretty sure coconut oil in my beauty regimen is going to stick around, so as I experiment with various ways, I’ll have to update you!

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