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Don’t Believe The Hype: Small Boobs Need Bras Too

I tried joining to #freethenipple and realized the movement just isn’t for me and my A-cups.


In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s only fitting that we talk about boobs. It’s actually a dreaded subject for me being that it is the smallest feature on my body, and subsequently, my biggest insecurity.

I even thought about getting a boob job. I still do.

I guess you can say that I missed out on puberty. When other girls graduated to the training bras and then the bras at Aero and Pink at Victoria Secret, I was just making my way to the sports bras at Target. There was no need to pay for a bra from the other stores because I didn’t need support; there was nothing there. I was a AA until entered my freshman year in college, to which i graduated to an A-cup. Other girls told stories of how they were flat-chested for a while, and then shot up a couple sizes during puberty. To my disappointment, that never happened to me. I was teased in middle and high school, oh and college too. I even thought about getting a boob job. I still do.

In college, when the #freethenipple movement started making headlines, girls everywhere started ditching their cup sizes that I so desperately wanted and started baring it all. My bigger-busted friends urged me to join the movement, saying that smaller boobs looked good in a number of outfits without a bra. And even though I wanted to join them, I reluctantly kept my bra clasp tight and held my chest close.

Despite what some of you gifted women will say, my A-cups do not look good without a bra. People always insist that models have no chests and look flawless with no bra. And for the most part, models definitely make it look easy. But at the end of the day, they’re models. For me, a regular girl, I never looked like the ads that made these girls look two cup-sizes bigger with cleavage and plumpness.

What had appeared to a a voluptuous chest of push-upy goodness, now appeared to be the chest of a thirty-year-old boy  who hadn’t yet discovered the gym.

At one point, I did give into the movement and tried out the braless look, in the comforts of my own home of course. I unclasped my bra, flinging it in the corner of my room. Standing in front of the mirror, I watched as my bare boobs disappeared behind my cotton shirt. What had appeared to a a voluptuous chest of push-upy goodness, now appeared to be the chest of a thirty-year-old boy  who hadn’t yet discovered the gym. Yes, I just compared myself to a pre-pubescent boy.

Instead of keeping my tits front and center, they kind of melted to the corners of my body and deflated. I couldn’t get my bra on fast enough. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why everyone said that flat-chested girls can rock the movement better, because from my own experience, that wasn’t the case. I tried t-shirts, halters, tanks, and dress with the braless look and none of them looked good. I didn’t feel confident or comfortable.

Sure, some of my big-breasted friends say they have to wear a bra because they need the support and it hurts them to have their tits flopping around as they walk. I definitely get that, but when it comes to the appearance and aesthetic of wearing no bra with an outfit, I completely stand by my opinion that bigger boobs look amazing with all their bared goodness.

I’ve learned to deal with my insecurity and have even tried wearing baggy shirts with no bra (you can’t see them anyway). But for the most part, I think I’ll stick to my push-ups.

Stay tuned for our first monthly thread: “7Days Of,” which will feature a staff member carrying out her daily routine with no bra!

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