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DIY: We Whipped Up A New Exfoliant With Ingredients From The Kitchen

Chilly weather won’t have our face dry and cracked this fall; we’ve got a DIY exfoliant to rectify that.


Who’s tired of DIYs? We clearly aren’t because we jumped right back into the swing of things and wound up in the kitchen to find ingredients for our latest DIY. As the cold weather starts kicking in we’ve noticed a change in our skin condition. Dry and cracked skin is never cool and packing on loads  of moisturizers can clog your pores.  We found that a little bit of olive oil and sea salt will rectify this issue, leaving your skin lighter, cleaner, and refreshed.

We whipped up this exfoliating scrub by simply adding a dash of sea salt and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil into a container. After mixing the ingredients together, in minutes we had the perfect facial scrub. The concoction works like any other scrub. Wet your face, then apply a small portion to dry or troubled areas, and massage them gently. If you weren’t up-to-date on the perks of your kitchen’s many treasures, sea salt is a perfect repairing and cleansing tool. And the coarser the salt, the better it is at attacking those areas that need a little bit more work. Olive oil also moisturizes your dry and cracked patches and brings that dull skin back to life.

Despite what you might find on the Internet, we found that scrubs aren’t the best to do everyday. They can leave your skin raw and unprotected, so it’s better to use on a weekly basis. With that said, you know your skin best, so you might be able to withstand scrubbing two days a week instead of one.

It always amazes us when we find beauty gems hidden in our cupboards. Happy scrubbing!

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