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Women That Have Us #WHIPPED

“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”


As a common thread on Pussy Whipped, we like to take the time to highlight women who create, achieve, and inspire. Not only do they use these fundamentals as the foundation for their own lives, but they instill those ideas in other women. While we love to share quirky sex stories and weigh in on shaving armpits, we feel obligated to present an intersectional perspective on feminism in regards to featuring all the ways in which women experience varying degrees of oppression and discrimination. As women who stand with the new wave of feminism, we at Pussy Whipped think it’s important to feature a number of strong women who speak for women of all shapes, colors, religions, and professions. A couple of weeks ago we featured a segment on women in Saudi Arabia who were standing up for their rights to vote, and earlier, women transforming the sex industry. And now we are back again with Viola Davis.

At this year’s 67th Annual Emmy Awards, Viola Davis was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Female Lead Actress in a Drama Series for How to Get Away With Murder. She is the first black woman to receive this honor. As if that wasn’t enough to get us whipped, Davis excepted her award with eloquence and grace, followed by a moving speech. Included with her words of wisdom and acceptance she stated, “the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.”

Although particularly resonating with black women, who have also endured discrimination from both black and white counterparts, her words seemed to touch all those in the “women of color” category. Her statement regarding opportunity references the lack of roles for women of color in the film and television industry, but digs deeper into the roles of women of color as a part of society.

Feminism includes all women – trans, black women, white women, Arab women, and so on. And while the movement and its participants recognize the issues such as free bleeding, abortion, and sex, it seeks to unite and stand up for women who are enduring physical and emotional pain such as murder and discrimination.┬áViola Davis’ win and speech is not only a testament to her ability as an actress, but a step in a direction toward blurring the lines or divides between minority feminists and the rest of the feminist community.

Take a look at Viola Davis’ acceptance speech below.

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