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The Under $50 List: Work Essentials


Giving you the best list of product specific items on a $50 or less budget.

If you’re anything like us, then it’s probably a nightmare trying to find something suitable to wear to work. We know the feeling, really. W It takes an hour just to pick out something that isn’t too tight or revealing, and this isn’t including all the other morning routines you have. Earlier this week, we posted a personal essay about¬†how it is so difficult to find appropriate and inexpensive clothes to where to work. So we identified the problem, and now we have found the solution. We’re showing you some of our work essentials, all of which are under $50. Hopefully something catches your eye!


1. LBD, Zara; $35.90
2. White Blouse, NastyGal; $48
3. Black Trousers, Zara; $39.90
4. Navy Blue Trousers, Zara; $39.90
5. Pencil Skirt, Asos; $32.25
6. Leather Skirt, Misguided; $50
7. Black Blazer, AliExpress; $24.40
8. Oxfords, Forever21; $29.90
9. Tote, Urban Outfitters; $49


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