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Long Hair Don’t Care: The Low Down On Biotin & Hair Supplements

I tried Vitamin C pills, Biotin, and Hairfinity, and let’s just say, I’m not sitting on my newly grown locks.


Every day for a year, I would look in the mirror, brushing strands of brown hair by the  sides of my face. I would look as they lay flat and say a silent prayer that one day they would grow down to my butt. It was hard to imagine my shoulder-length hair ever growing down my back that long, but I thought wishing it might make it come true. But when wishing and praying didn’t give me the results I desired, it seemed only right that I turn to another option: hair supplements.

I started with Hairfinity. Hairfinity is a drug that swore on it’s good and long results. All you had to do was swallow two pills a day, and in one month or so, you would notice improvements in the thickness and length of your hair. You could purchase the one-month supply, 3-month supply, or year-long dosage. Since I was new, I thought it was best to try it for a month.

Within a month, I noticed some differences; my hair was progressively growing. I can’t say I was kin to Rapunzel, but I saw improvements. Oddly, these results reminded me of old movies I used to watch about magic. In the movies a young witch would be tempted to use magic to her advantage. A wiser witch or mentor would remind her that every use of magic comes with a price. In this case, I was the young witch and my magic trick was Hairfinity. If I wished to use this magic pill to make my hair grow, I would have to pay another price. That price was my skin. I started to break out terribly.

I quickly learned that Hairfinity had a high dosage of biotin along with a couple other good vitamins. Biotin, which belongs to the B-vitamin family, is the primary ingredient that produces strong and healthy hair. It is also in foods like egg yolks, leafy greens, and salmon – all of which stimulate growth in nails and hair. Unfortunately, Hairfinity neglected to inform me that there was a surplus of biotin, which ultimately was causing my breakouts. So I ditched the Hairfinity, despite its results.

I figured the next option would be to try biotin by itself. Since biotin was the primary ingredient that was stimulating hair growth,  I figured the right dosage would reduce my breakouts. Additionally, I researched more on the vitamin and learned that it was water-soluble. So in order to stop the build up in my skin which was prompting my breakouts, I would try to drink a gallon of water a day and pee it out. For a while, that worked, until I got sick of getting up to go to the bathroom every five minutes. So I quite that as well.

My final ploy to grow long locks was to try taking Vitamin C. It was a less rigorous option and would produce results at a slower rate. When researching the topic, all sites alike said that Vitamin C was used in a lot of hair supplements and in fact aided in the growing process. Plus Vitamin C did a lot of other great things for the rest of your body and hadn’t caused any major break outs.

It’s been a month since I started taking Vitamin C daily, and I can’t say that I notice a difference. Maybe I’m impatient. Maybe it takes at least three months to see the results you desire. Or maybe, I need to ditch these grow-hair-fast schemes and stick to practicing better life habits. I could start by drinking more water and eating healthier. I haven’t kicked my addiction to growing long hair just yet; I’m still trying out this Vitamin C diet. I can only hope that I start seeing some results some time soon.

3 thoughts on “Long Hair Don’t Care: The Low Down On Biotin & Hair Supplements

    • Thanks for the comment! Haven’t given Biotin a try for that long, but it seems to work differently for various hair types. Will definitely have to give it another shot though. 🙂


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