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Women Who Have Us #WHIPPED

These two entrepreneurs introduced feminism to the sex toy industry, and the result is super sexy.

Alex Fine & Janet Lieberman

Alex Fine & Janet Lieberman

Unfortunately, we can’t take credit for finding them first, but after introduced Alex Fine and Janet Lieberman to the world, we had to check them out for ourselves. And considering our site’s name, it’s very clear why these two #GIRLBOSSES have us whipped in the sexiest of ways!

The two leading ladies are NewYork-based entrepreneurs and founders of the newly launched company, Dame Products. What’s Dame Products? We’re glad you asked! It is a company that produces sex toys that “empower the sexual experiences of woman kind” by more efficiently meeting the needs of its female clients. Alex Fine, the mastermind and CEO behind Dame Products, holds a masters degree in Psychology from Columbia University and Janet, the company’s designer, is a MIT-trained mechanical engineer. The two got together over their shared interest and passion in creating powerful experiences for women and sex toys. And after talking to dozens of women about stimulation and orgasms, the two came up with “Eva”.


“Eva,” the company’s debut product, was the first “hands-free, strap-free, and non-intrusive, vibrator” on the market. And so far, Dame Products has received a number of good reviews from its clientele. Aside from the fact that many of their products eliminate the need of extra hands, they also promote this idea of “feminist friendly”.

You may have remembered our personal essay on how being dominated by your boyfriend or loving kinky sex doesn’t make you anti-feminist (if not, go read it now). Dame products are taking that concept a step further. There is nothing wrong with taking pleasure into your own hands, or even your own products. Whatever you choose, it doesn’t make you more or less of a feminist. Dame Products embraces a woman’s desire to experiment in the world of sex by empowering them and encouraging them to use more products that fulfill their needs. In other words, their putting women on a pedestal and putting their needs first. “Feminist friendly” by no way advocates for the elimination of a partner from the bedroom; Dame Products simply provides another option. And we have to say, you can’t really go wrong with an option that is for women and made by women.

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