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We Whipped Up A DIY Toner For Dark Spots

We found some hidden gems in our kitchen that make good dark spot toners.


Acne is a bitch on it’s own. And when that goes away, often times you’re left with these horrible dark spots that only remind you of the pussy mess that used to overpower your natural beauty. To make matters worse, walking into your local pharmacy only adds to the problem. There are so many products claiming they magically get rid of your dark spots. Aside from the fact that there is no guarantee these products work, the costs are out of the is world expensive. Well, we whipped up our own toner, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to recreate in your own kitchen.

All it takes is lemon juice and Hydrogen peroxide. Many of you probably already knew about the benefits of lemon juice, and we’ve heard it too. So we wanted to see if it is was really worth the hype.

We got a small, plastic container, poured about 3 drops from a freshly cut lemon into it and diluted it with a couple drops of Hydrogen peroxide. After the solution was mixed, we simply applied it to the dark spots with a cotton ball or swab. Lemon juice is a natural exfoliant and bleach and helps with removing tough layers of skin in order to lighten those darkened marks. The Hydrogen peroxide dilutes the lemon juice and makes the solution less intense when you apply to your face. A couple of our girls tried it and say that after applying it everyday for 2 months, they started to see results. It’s as easy as that!

Stay tuned for Before and After images from some of our testers!

Ingredients & Steps
Lemons & Hydrogen peroxide
Plastic containers
Cotton ball or swab

1. Add 3 drops of lemon juice to plastic container.
2. Add a couple drops of Hydrogen peroxide.
3. Mix the solution.
4. Use the cotton ball or swab to apply the solution to your dark spots.
5. Repeat once a day fro 2 months.

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