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PUSSY POWER: Lena Dunham Will Launch A Feminist Newsletter This Fall

Giving us t.m.i. ALL the time.
Lenny Letter

It sounds like writing a book, directing, producing, and scripting her own HBO show, and not to mention being an overall #GIRLBOSS isn’t enough for Lena Dunham. And we are so happy to hear that! The fearless boss lady has announced that she will be launching a weekly newsletter targeted to young women and feminists alike. Talk about pussy power!

The upcoming newsletter entitled, Lenny, will be aimed at “like-minded, intellectually curious women and the people who love them, who want to bring change but also want to know, like, where to buy the best tube top for summer that isn’t going to cost your entire paycheck.” Says the Girls actress and producer to BuzzFeed News.

But this isn’t a solo move. Lena Dunham is a getting a number of leading ladies involved, including Jezebel writer Jessica GroseRookie writer Laia Garcia, and Doreen St. Félix. And if that isn’t a great contributing line-up, the newsletter will also feature content from its readers and Dunham’s celebrity friends. We’re thinking Allison Williams or The To-Do Lists‘s Aubrey Plaza might make a guest appearance (fingers crossed). It’s pretty clear Dunham is incorporating a very diverse crowd in the production of Lenny – to which she tweeted: “Sign up your mom, your dad, your radical niece, your silent cousin.”

Lenny isn’t only taking over the publishing world with its kick ass feminist power, but there are hopes that it will eventually morph into a website-letter hybrid of some sort. That would be a total mind fuck, but we are so down to see what becomes of Lenny!

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