15 Things Girls With Big Feet Will Totally Understand

Big-footed girls have to stick together! #BigFeetProblems

It sucks to be the girl with big feet sometimes. People often look at your feet and wonder what kind of genetics could have meshed together to create a great mass that is your foot, not to mention, being the butt of jokes. Oh and you can’t forget about have the worst shoe shopping experiences. For guys it’s often perceived as proof of masculinity, but people aren’t quite sure what a woman’s shoe size says about her. It’s okay because you’re used to the jokes by now, and you even get your own hashtag. So be jealous people; here are 15 things only girls with #BigFeetProblems will understand.

  1. You roll your eyes when the girls with size 7.5 shoes complain about not finding shoes.
  2. giphyWhen guy have big feet, everyone jokes and says, “you know what that mean!”giphy
  3. When girls have big feet, everyone looks at them weirdly. giphy-1
  4. You have to say a prayer whenever you ask the sales clerk to find a shoe for you in the back. giphy-2
  5. You can’t have a favorite shoe store because you’re constantly jumping around from store to store.
  6. Norstrom’s rack and other discount sales NEVER have your size.giphy-3
  7. Don’t forget about taking your shoes off in public places.LaCienega_Big_Feet
  8. Sometimes you seem to trip over nothing.                  giphy-4
  9. You constantly imagine what it would be like to have small feet.giphy-5
  10. You surpassed you family member’s shoe sizes when you were in middle school.
  11. Any bright color or patterns just looks ridiculous. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  12. Why do they make so many packs of “One Size” socks?!
  13. BUT when you can find your size, it’s a party.giphy-6
  14. And at the end of the day, you realize your big feet are the least of your worries. giphy-7
  15. Because big feet might also mean a big future.
Oprah size 11 shoe

Oprah size 11 shoe


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