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Tinder, Love, & Care


Who needs eHarmony when you have Tinder?

Let me lead you in with a quick fairytale story for the modern-day woman:

Once upon a time there was a girl. The girl’s name was Brianna for any of you who care. Brianna went to London during her junior year of college to study abroad. Lonely and horny, the 20-something girl looks for love in a hopeless place (bare with me). She downloads a mobile app. She searches through the user database for a suitable candidate. Brianna meets David. Brianna and David exchange texts and after a couple of weeks, agree to meet up. The two meet up, hook up, and have countless romantic dates to ballets, clubs, and kickbacks. Brianna and David live happily ever after for 4 months until Brianna returns to the United States where she eventually gets back with her ex whom she dumped only the semester before she left. 

Aside from the fact that Brianna may be something shy of your average player and scumbag, this story is what you would call, among other things, your typical modern-day love story. And it is all thanks to Tinder, the match-making mobile app.

I hope I’m not the only one, but I had absolutely no clue Tinder was originally designed as a dating site for the young crowd in London. After completely dominating the UK hipster scene for some time, it rapidly spread to other parts of Europe and the world, linking one lonely heart or creeper to the next. You could say that Tinder is like the eHarmony for generation y, except for the fact that Tinder’s users aren’t quite looking to put a ring on it just yet. In fact, I would even go to say that this crowd is looking for a ‘situationship’ that involves a little more temporary commitment and a lot less clothing.

Taking a step back for a brief moment, if you thought the Brianna and David love-match was fake, think again. I know Brianna (if you’re reading this, sorry for calling you a scumbag). And to put this as concisely and nicely as possible, she had no intention of going on Tinder to find love, but more to find a quick replacement and consistent hookup for our time in London. In her defense, she was going through a bad or weird breakup and needed to let loose. David happened to be the perfect thing to “let loose” on. It was only after the hookup that she even considered David as something more than a warm body. Not to mention Brianna ended up getting a considerable amount of free food and entertainment out of her playdates with David.

To steer away from any more shit-talking about Brianna, I would like to point out that she isn’t my only friend who uses Tinder. My roommate uses Tinder not to date, but simply to meet people in new places she travels to. We’re usually in some random restaurant when I see her gazing at her iPhone screen smiling. She’s told me about the countless guys she’s met and how they tell her cool restaurants and clubs to check out. Admittedly, I’ve gone to almost every place that those guys have sent her to. But in the back of my mind I always think: what if they are leading us to a broken-down warehouse where Michael Myers will pop out and chainsaws us – or is it stab? I have a very cinematic imagination clearly. But so far I’ve made it back in one piece, so I guess I’ll live to tell another tale.

One thought on “Tinder, Love, & Care

  1. If you have found love on Tinder, know some one who has, or have a hilarious Tinder experience, comment below and share it with us. We’re are dying to know!


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